The main breakdowns of windows that require repair: we determine the malfunctions

Now let's look at the main malfunctions that can occur during the operation of windows. Read these malfunctions. Based on the list of breakdowns, you will understand and determine what you have broken on the windows, and also approximately understand whether you can repair the windows with your own hands or still have to call the window wizard. And below I will give you recommendations on which window repairs you can perform yourself, and which is better to entrust to the master.

The window blows, whistles, draughts from the window
The double-glazed window is broken
Window handle cranks
The window handle does not lock the sash
The sash does not recline
The sash is in two positions: rotary and folding
The sash has sunk and touches the lower profile
The window won't close

We divide the malfunctions of the windows into two camps: I will do it myself and the master does it

You can change the window handle yourself. To do this, you need to buy a window handle in one of the stores, such as "Hardware", and use a phillips screwdriver to replace it.

Change the seal on the windows yourself. This is a fairly easy procedure. The main thing is to buy in a specialized store a nylon seal (rubber is less reliable – dubeyet) marking 9646 and super-glue. The glue is needed to glue the seal into the window slot, so that the seal does not part.

The window won't close

Most often, such a malfunction is observed on windows installed more than 10 years ago. Metal-plastic structures at that time were only gaining popularity and there were no time-tested mechanisms

The sash sagged

A common problem with large blocks with a high opening frequency. If the window is open in swing mode, the first thing to do is to lift the sagging edge of the sash by the handle, insert it into the frame and try to turn the handle to the closed position. In case of failure, you need to try to adjust the slope of the loops yourself. To do this, remove the decorative overlay from them and turn the adjustment screw clockwise with a hexagon on 4.

Incorrect operation of the blocker

The lock is designed to prevent opening in two modes at the same time. Visually, it is a spring-loaded plate fixed on the side of the opening element

If the lock does not work at the right time, for example, due to the rapid and not quite accurate rotation of the handle when opening,the mechanism may jam. To bring it into working condition, you need to slide the plate manually and fully turn the handle to the "open" position.

Stuck in the mode of ventilation

The reason for jamming, as a rule, is the exit from the grooves or the breakage of the so-called "scissors".

With such breakdowns of the window, the main thing is not to apply excessive force to the handle and not to try to forcibly close or open the sash. To restore the functionality of the unit, you need to do the following: Remove the sash. To do this, first remove the cover of the upper canopy, pull the special rod down and remove the loop.We put the sash at the bottom on the floor, so that it is convenient to work with its top. We look for the grooves in which the "scissors" should enter and insert them into place. You may need to depress the locking bar or turn the handle. We assemble the block in the reverse order.

Sometimes you can do without dismantling the sash. This will require certain skills and enough free space on top of the window, because if the slopes interfere, then it is quite difficult to set the "scissors" in place.

The sash sagged on one hinge

In such situations, the sash is held in the frame on the lower canopy and upper "scissors". The breakage is eliminated as follows: We put the top of the sash in its working position – as if nothing fell out. To do this, you need to gently press the upper corner with the palm of your hand until it stops, you should not apply excessive effort. With your finger tucked under the lock, put it vertically, and turn the handle horizontally. The main thing is that the upper corner is pressed at this time. When the upper mechanism catches on the loop, you can close and open the window in the usual way.